In the next couple of days I will be packing my things and moving back to Dallas.  My gut reaction to the move is sadness.  I am mostly sad because this was the last place that my family was whole.  Also, I truly enjoyed living in Cuero, TX.  If you asked me a year ago if I ever thought I’d live in a small town I would have said, “heck to the no.” After experiencing the small town for myself I’m singing quite a different tune.  I wanted to take some time to tell you what I learned from my short time living in Cuero, TX. 


I’ve learned that God works in amazing ways when we keep an open mind.  Early in our marriage Andrew tried to move me to a small town and I cried in the closet, because I really thought I couldn’t do it.  Then after living in Dallas and trying to control our circumstances to make life what we thought we wanted (which resulted in severe unhappiness for both of us) we finally threw up our hands and decided to keep an open mind. Once an opportunity opened to move to Cuero we gladly took it hoping for the best.  Both Andrew and I saw God’s plan more clearly once we moved and were open to a different way.


I’ve learned to take time to breath and enjoy life.  I didn’t think I would like the pace of a small town, because I’m used to a super fast pace life.  I learned that I love the slower pace and it suits my personality well.  In Cuero I feel like I get time back.  The days seem to go by more slowly and somehow I’m able to fit everything in plus some rest/relaxation and quality family time.  I also love that I have room to think, to create and to dream without feeling rushed. 


I’ve learned what it truly means to “love thy neighbor as thyself.”  I love the people in Cuero.  I truly appreciate the genuine love and concern I’ve received from so many. It’s amazing to know my neighbors, to eat lunch with them and to sit on their back porch drinking ice tea and gleaning their wisdom.  I love how loyal they are and I love how they all rally together to do whatever they can to help.  They have gone above and beyond for my family and I’m eternally grateful for their love and support.


I’ve decided that I am going to take “A Cuero state of mind” with me to Dallas.  No matter how badly I think things should go a certain way I will keep an open mind.  No matter how rushed I feel I will stop, relax and trust that everything is going to be ok.  No matter how I am treated I will treat others with genuine love and concern with a willingness to help however I can.  Thank you Cuero, TX for taking us in and treating us like family.  Can’t wait to come back and visit. Lots of Love to you all.