Hi there,

I just thought you all should know that I carry you in my heart daily. I’ve been inspired by your generosity and unconditional love for me and for my family. Thank you for your continued prayer and understanding as our family is getting adjusted to our new normal. 

Ellie and I are now getting settled in Dallas.  She started her new school today and every day she seems to be doing a little better then the day before.  She says she misses Daddy a lot and I reply by telling her I miss him too and it’s ok to be sad. One special thing I did get done before Andrew passed away was a necklace with his fingerprint and initials on the back and another one with Ellie’s fingerprint and initials (Thanks so much to the store Be in Cuero, TX for this wonderful gift). I plan to give it to her one day, but until then I get to wear it (which I love). 


I have waves of sadness come over me usually at night time, but then after I feel the sadness I remember how much Andrew inspired me to live life to the fullest.  I’m reminded how valuable time is and how life is a gift.  It’s a gift I want to continue to share with you all because I believe God has a plan/purpose for our lives and it involves connecting with others. 

I would be so honored if you would continue to follow mine and Ellie’s journey as I share the ups and downs of being a single parent, the highs and lows of my walk with God, the accomplishments and the failures.  I plan to write my first book “Beyond a Gray Faith” (Special thanks to Pastor Glenn Moore and his beautiful wife of Lifeway church in Cuero, TX for the title and the encouragement).  It will be about the lesson’s I’ve learned from Andrew in the last years of his life and how those lessons have inspired me to overcome my fears and to focus on what matters most in life. 

As horrible as cancer is, it did not destroy Andrew’s spirit, his love and his purpose.  All of those live on in the hearts of his family and all those he touched. I plan to continue spreading Andrew’s message by sharing our story with whoever will have me, showing a documentary of our journey (thanks to fotolanthropy) and selling Andrew’s books.  I will also be working to get his children’s book published, building his real estate empire and completing several of his other projects that he had in the works. Andrew left me a lot to do, and I consider it a great honor to help finish what he started.

If you are at all interested in being involved in any of these projects please feel free to contact me at

If you have a group that you would like for me to come share our story and video with you can also email me. I don’t have a speaking fee right now all that I ask is that I would be able to sell Andrew’s books in order to spread his message. 

Be looking out for some new renovations on the site, coming soon! Looking forward to connecting with you. Love and Blessings.