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Ellie Turns 5!

Hi There! Monday was Ellie’s 5th birthday! My parents and I brought a cookie cake to her school to celebrate with her class. I loved watching Ellie interact with her friends. You can see the respect and love they have for her because she is so kind to each one of them. It makes me… Read more »

Your Best Life Later

Hi There! I’m so pumped to share some exciting news with you today! I recently received the first updated copy of my late husband, Andrew’s, very first book, Your Best Life Later! This is one of my favorite books of Andrew’s. It’s a bit sentimental for me because I fell in love with him during… Read more »

Speaking UP

Yesterday afternoon I was speaking to a few hundred people at a Keller Williams Cultural Summit and awards event in Orlando, Florida, giving my keynote speech entitled, “Living Your Legacy Today.” I’m often asked if I still get nervous before speaking. My answer? Heck, yes! In order to calm my nerves, I get as present as possible… Read more »

Life Book

Hi there! I just had the most amazing experience I’m dying to share with you! This weekend I flew to Arizona with my mom to participate in a conference called Life Book. Going to this event together was her birthday gift to me. I had no expectations of what this experience was going to be… Read more »

Bigger and Braver

Hi There! I am writing you today from Mission Beach in sunny San Diego. I’m here to speak to and encourage an amazing group of Keller Williams real estate agents! Ellie and my Aunt Betty came with me from Texas and we met my parents, brother, and sister-in-law here as my parents were already here… Read more »

Challenged, Committed, Connected

Happy New Year! I’ve always loved the concept of a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. It fills my heart with so much hope and anticipation for what can be. Every New Year’s Eve I reflect on the past year, on the lessons I’ve learned, the mistakes I’ve made, the things I’m grateful… Read more »

Gratitude Changes Everything

“I wish Daddy was here. Making cookies in the easy bake oven would be way more fun with me, you, and Daddy,” Ellie said. “I couldn’t agree more, El-bug,” I replied. Then I wrapped my arms around her and said, “It’s OK to miss Daddy.” We had this conversation on Christmas day and it still… Read more »

Forward Momentum

Hi Friend! A couple of weeks ago I found myself in a predicament. A friend of mine, whom I really respect and admire, messaged me to ask if I was still doing a lot of running. She’s always been an incredible athlete. She was four grades ahead of me in school and I always looked… Read more »

Remembering My Worth

Hello! Has someone you loved ever said something to you that caused you to feel like you were not good enough for them or just “less than”? Like they passed a judgment on you and then you felt really discouraged, to the point you forgot where your intrinsic value as a person comes from? I… Read more »

The Time is NOW

Hi There! I don’t know about you, but this time a year is pure madness for me. From getting gifts for loved ones, shipping books (YAY!), holiday parties and events for my daughter, Ellie, getting organized financially and at home before the New Year, as well as creating a plan of action for 2016—I haven’t… Read more »