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Forward Momentum

Hi Friend! A couple of weeks ago I found myself in a predicament. A friend of mine, whom I really respect and admire, messaged me to ask if I was still doing a lot of running. She’s always been an incredible athlete. She was four grades ahead of me in school and I always looked… Read more »

Remembering My Worth

Hello! Has someone you loved ever said something to you that caused you to feel like you were not good enough for them or just “less than”? Like they passed a judgment on you and then you felt really discouraged, to the point you forgot where your intrinsic value as a person comes from? I… Read more »

The Time is NOW

Hi There! I don’t know about you, but this time a year is pure madness for me. From getting gifts for loved ones, shipping books (YAY!), holiday parties and events for my daughter, Ellie, getting organized financially and at home before the New Year, as well as creating a plan of action for 2016—I haven’t… Read more »

30 Was Fun, Now on to 31!

Hi Friend! Today I turn the Big 31! I know I normally post on Wednesdays, but I wanted to share my birthday with you, so I’m posting today! I want to start by thanking you for following my family’s journey, praying for us, supporting Andrew’s books, A Gray Faith and The Ellie Project, giving me… Read more »

Happy Birthday Andrew

Ellie and I went to church last night. There was this moment in the service when I was holding her, our faces pressed together, side by side, and we each had a hand raised to the sky as we worshiped God while belting out the words to the song, “You Are the Light.” In that… Read more »

The Healing Power of Writing

Hello! Happy almost-Thanksgiving! Today, I was inspired to share how writing has been a tool to create more healing in my life. Throughout my 30 years so far, I have had over 20 journals. The earliest one dates back to the 3rd grade and is filled with  my no-spaces-between-words writing I can now hardly read…. Read more »

John Maxwell + The Ellie Project

Hi!! I wanted to share an exciting story that happened in my life and it includes you! A few weeks ago, my parents went to their third Exchange conference put on by the amazing John Maxwell. If you aren’t familiar with John, he is the expert on leadership (check out his site here Exchange… Read more »

Ellie’s Legacy

“Because Dad died, God might want me to really love Mama so you’re not alone.” These were the words straight out of my little girl, Ellie’s, mouth a few nights ago. I’m consistently in awe of her massively compassionate heart. It blows me away that at 4 years old, she thinks these deep thoughts. Then… Read more »

Helping Hand

A few days ago, while driving my daughter, Ellie, to my aunt’s house, I had a conversation with her that deeply affected me. The discussion started over a birthmark on Ellie’s finger, which I told her is the exact birthmark my late-husband and her daddy, Andrew, had on his finger, and then somehow the dialogue… Read more »

Failing Forward

I’m not gonna lie. There are some days (like today) I wake up wondering what the heck was I thinking starting my own business? I must be out of my mind. Today I felt completely overwhelmed by the all the details involved in running my business. I feel so green and sometimes embarrassed at having… Read more »