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Girls’ Trip

  I’ve always wanted to take a girls’ trip ever since learning that was a thing. A few years after graduating college, I remember hearing stories of sorority sisters or college roommates taking annual girls’ trips to the beach, or hitting the ski slopes or having a relaxing spa getaway. I thought, One day I’m… Read more »


Hello! Hip Hip Hooray for school starting back! Summer was fun and now I’m craving a little structure and routine. This week my daughter, Ellie, started second grade. When I asked how her first day of school went she reported, “Best first day ever!” This was music to my ears and really quite shocking, because… Read more »

Five Years in Heaven

  Five years ago today I was sitting next to my terminally ill 30-year-old husband. He was in a hospital bed in his childhood home, and I was holding his hand, tears streaming down my cheeks. I watched his mother gently caressing his face and sweetly singing hymns over him as he whispered, “I love… Read more »

Boundaries = Peace of Mind

Hi There! I finally hit a breaking point. Rewind… Six months ago I took a new job at Keller Williams. Ever since, it’s been a learning curve as to how to juggle the new position with speaking, writing, managing my home and my businesses, and taking care of my 7-year-old daughter, Ellie. Gradually, and then… Read more »

Adventures in Atlanta – Part Two

  Hello! A couple of weeks ago my daughter, Ellie, and I went on an adventure to Nashville, Tennessee (see last week’s post, Nashville Trip – Part One for the first half of our trip). The second part of the week we flew to Atlanta to spend time with my sister, Melanie, brother-in-law, Bolling, and… Read more »

Nashville Trip – Part One

  Hi there! I’ve always wanted to go visit Nashville, Tennessee. I fell in love with downtown Franklin, Tennessee a few years ago while attending a business seminar. I remember thinking it was so charming. From walking around the square to tasting the yummy southern food, shopping in the adorable boutiques, and meeting the kindest… Read more »

Limiting Ourselves

  Hello! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! My daughter, Ellie, and I had a blast! We swam, ate good food, and spent quality time with family from all over the country who came to town this weekend for a family reunion. I so wished my late grandmother, Alice, and my late Aunt… Read more »


  You are creative. These three words changed my life eight years ago. A seed was planted. I was pregnant with Ellie, selling real estate, and seeking guidance on what I wanted to do with my life when I hired Christine Hassler, a life coach out of Los Angeles. I’d read two of her books,… Read more »

The Greatest Showman

  Every morning, for the past month, Ellie and I have rocked out to The Greatest Showman soundtrack on our drives to school. I’m thinking we aren’t the only ones doing this, because a few weeks ago we were jamming in my car before I dropped her off, and the lady parked next to me… Read more »