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Sweat Out the Crazies

Hello! A few weeks ago, my daughter, Ellie, and I were staying at my parents’ house and, since I knew I had childcare to help with Ellie in the morning (AKA my wonderful dad), I convinced my mom to do a 5:30 AM spin class with me. I rolled out of bed to the sound… Read more »

The Four Tendencies

Recently I finished the latest book by one of my favorite authors, Gretchen Rubin, called The Four Tendencies. I love Gretchen’s books because she writes about human behavior and how creating habits can make our lives more fulfilling. I’ve always been interested in those same subjects and enjoy the process of trying new ways to… Read more »

Doing The Work

Hi There! Starting a business takes a lot of courage. I know this because I remember how insecure, unqualified, and afraid I felt four years ago when I made the decision to start speaking. I ran into a friend a short time ago who just started her own business and, to my surprise and gratitude,… Read more »

Don’t Look Back

What am I doing? Is sharing my story even going to make a difference? Does this even matter? These were the thoughts swirling around in my head while I rapidly applied my lip gloss in the bathroom moments before I stepped up to the podium to speak yesterday. It’s funny how taking time off from… Read more »


I walked out of the doctor’s office with a huge smile on my face, waving goodbye to the staff who now all knew me by first name. Understandable, since I’d been in and out of their office for the past seven months. And not just my general practitioner’s office, but also the four other specialists’… Read more »

What If I’m Wrong?

Ever said this to yourself, “I’m afraid to make this commitment because I’m worried I’ll feel trapped, I won’t like it, I’ll be unhappy, and I’ll be wasting my time”? I’ll be the first to admit I’ve spent a lot of time camping out in this belief system. Specifically for me this comes up in… Read more »

And and Both

Today is just like every other normal day. I’ll go to a meeting, pick my daughter up from camp, eat lunch, the usual. But four years ago today was anything but a normal day, because on that day I woke up to witness the end of a young man’s life. I sat close to him… Read more »

Greatest Transformation

Hello! It’s scary putting yourself out there and trying something new, be it a new relationship, interviewing for a new job, you name it. Recently I started meeting with different companies for informational interviews, putting myself out there and letting them know I’m looking. I’m simultaneously nervous and excited. Putting together resumes, cover letters, and… Read more »

Adulting Part 2 – Back to Basics

Hi There! Last week, I shared some of my personal challenges transitioning to adulthood. Pretty sure I could write an entire book on this topic, so I wanted to continue the conversation. The feedback I received on last week’s post was really positive and I think it’s an important area of life to shed some… Read more »