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Greatest Transformation

Hello! It’s scary putting yourself out there and trying something new, be it a new relationship, interviewing for a new job, you name it. Recently I started meeting with different companies for informational interviews, putting myself out there and letting them know I’m looking. I’m simultaneously nervous and excited. Putting together resumes, cover letters, and… Read more »

Adulting Part 2 – Back to Basics

Hi There! Last week, I shared some of my personal challenges transitioning to adulthood. Pretty sure I could write an entire book on this topic, so I wanted to continue the conversation. The feedback I received on last week’s post was really positive and I think it’s an important area of life to shed some… Read more »


Ok, so I’m just gonna say it: Being an adult is hard work. At first I was embarrassed to admit this, because I honestly thought I was the only person struggling with the transition to adulthood. However, after a few recent conversations with friends also in their early 30’s, I realized it’s not just me…. Read more »

No One Succeeds Alone

Hi There! Recently I had a deep and meaningful conversation with a friend of mine. I opened up about how difficult this past year has been as a single mom building a business I’m passionate about while trying to rebuild my life after loss. Her response truly caught me off guard. She said she had… Read more »

Health Update

Hi There! I’m writing to you with an extremely grateful heart because on Tuesday afternoon I found out my biopsy was benign (not cancer) and my CT scans were clear. I do, however, have acid reflux, which is a manageable condition. I can’t begin to tell you the surge of appreciation I felt after hearing… Read more »

But Are We Really Living?

One of the greatest tragedies in life is to be alive, but not really living. As I’ve experienced over the past couple of weeks, sometimes our fears and anxieties about the things we can’t control in life keep us locked up in a self-made prison of merely existing and going through the motions of each… Read more »

Finding Courage in Unlikely Places

Whew! It feels good to be done with my TEDx talk. Sometimes taking a risk and doing something we’re afraid to do builds a whole new level of confidence and strengthens our faith in God’s plans for our lives. I’ve never worked harder on a project. I gave it my all and now all there… Read more »

Choosing the Right Mindset

Hi! Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers about my health. Both the stress test and echocardiogram came back normal, which is great, and the chest pains have subsided quite a bit. More and more I’m thinking the pain could’ve been related to stress and anxiety. So that’s something I’m more consciously trying… Read more »