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Ellie Goes to Kindergarten

Welp…We survived the first day of Kindergarten. It’s not easy watching your baby grow up and go off to big kid school. Luckily, my usually shy, anxious, and reserved little El popped out of bed Monday morning and said with a giggle,“I’m so excited!” {Side note: Over the past few weeks, any time I brought… Read more »

Olympic Dreams

Hi There! Last night I was binge-watching the Olympics and catching up on the women’s gymnastics team finals. I couldn’t help but get nostalgic after team USA won the gold. My thoughts took me back to the 1996 Olympics…The Magnificent 7 was the name of the USA women’s Olympic gymnastics team. It was the summer… Read more »

Just Do It

Last night, my daughter, Ellie, brought me a beautiful blue, green, and yellow painting with a piece of chalk glued to the center. She’d painted the chalk blue and bedazzled the top of it with a star jewel, making it look like a mini fairy wand. Almost daily, Ellie showers me with these artistic goodies…. Read more »

When Conflict Creates Change

How do you respond to conflict? While I was growing up, my family mostly avoided conflict for as long as we could until someone eventually exploded into a full-on emotionally charged, personally pointed exchange of highly heated words. Somewhere along the way, I created the role of being the one to keep the harmony. Call… Read more »

Andrew’s Heaven Birthday

Hello! Ellie and I had such a memorable day yesterday celebrating my late husband and Ellie’s Daddy, Andrew’s, Heaven birthday! The day started with finding flowers on my front door from a dear friend, which reminded me of God’s goodness to bless us with such amazing friends and family. Then Ellie, Aunt Betty (aka Saint… Read more »

Uniquely Gifted

Hi There! Have you ever wondered what your calling is? Have you ever invested time into discovering the unique wiring and gifts God gave you so you could positively impact the world? And, biggest question: have you ever forgotten what those traits are or not been at a place in your life where you were… Read more »

Pain vs. Suffering

Last week I received a text from a close friend saying she was thinking about me because she knew July might bring me a lot of intense emotions. It sure does. July 26th will mark three years since my late husband, Andrew, has been gone. Even on a subconscious level July is an emotionally difficult… Read more »

Fresh Start

I love the excitement and anticipation of beginning something new, whether it be a new goal or a new habit. George Eliot said it best when she said, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” That’s exactly why I love a fresh start! In junior high I remember going on… Read more »

Unleash The Power Within

Hi There! Just got back from the Tony Robbins event, Unleash The Power Within (UPW). If you watched the news last week, I know what you might be thinking and the answers are: Yes, I did the firewalk, and NO, I did not burn my feet. Ever since seeing Tony Robbins on the Oprah Show… Read more »