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Head for the Cure

Hello! I’m pumped to share some exciting news today involving my new partnership with Head for the Cure! Since helping to take care of Andrew from his stage-four cancer diagnosis in the fall of 2012 to his final day on this earth in the summer of 2013, I knew I wanted to one day contribute toward… Read more »

Reach Out

Hi There! A couple of weeks ago when I was at Disney World, I received a Facebook message from one of my late husband, Andrew’s, friends from high school and college. It moved me to tears and after receiving permission from this friend I wanted to share parts of his powerful message with you. He… Read more »

Fierce Conversations

Ever experienced the feeling of knots in your stomach at the thought of a difficult conversation you knew you had to have with someone you care about? I’m a recovering people-pleaser, so confrontation with the likelihood of disappointing someone makes me want to run for the hills. I truly care about other’s feelings and personal… Read more »

Faith Over Fear

Hi There! Have you ever felt like you are on running on a hamster wheel? It keeps spinning and spinning and, for a while, it’s really fun and exciting, until finally it stops for a minute. You take a second to breathe and in the silence, your thoughts start darting all over the place and… Read more »


  Hi There! I’m going to keep this post short ‘n’ sweet because I have a special treat for you! Today I’m going to take you on the journey of how God called me to trust Him and how I responded to the call via a podcast I recently had the pleasure of being a… Read more »

The Myth of the Natural

Hello! Today, I want to talk about something that struck me as interesting the first time I heard it. I had just finished a speaking event and a friend of mine, who attended the event, shared on Facebook how she’d received value from my message. Another friend, who’d also recently heard me speak, responded to… Read more »


Hi There! 2016 has been such a whirlwind so far. It’s been fast, furious, and very exciting. I’ve been in “go” mode since January 1st, traveling the country to speak and spending time with my family. I feel blessed by the opportunity to connect with people in each of the places I visit and impact… Read more »

Living My Life on Purpose

Hi! I am beyond excited to share this post with you! I just got back from New Orleans where I had the privilege of giving my inspirational keynote speech to over one thousand Keller Williams real estate agents and staff (by far my largest audience yet). It was an incredibly divine experience. Before I went… Read more »

Ellie Turns 5!

Hi There! Monday was Ellie’s 5th birthday! My parents and I brought a cookie cake to her school to celebrate with her class. I loved watching Ellie interact with her friends. You can see the respect and love they have for her because she is so kind to each one of them. It makes me… Read more »

Your Best Life Later

Hi There! I’m so pumped to share some exciting news with you today! I recently received the first updated copy of my late husband, Andrew’s, very first book, Your Best Life Later! This is one of my favorite books of Andrew’s. It’s a bit sentimental for me because I fell in love with him during… Read more »