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Bouncing Back

Ellie and Bailey walking to the the village church

Hi ya! This past week was full of unexpected surprises, emotional highs and lows, and a curve ball. Have you ever felt so thrown off course by an event, person, or experience that it made you re-evaluate your direction and focus? Did you wrestle with feeling discouraged because you thought you were on the path… Read more »

Happy Hour Podcast

Bailey and Ellie in colorful gowns and holding bouquets

  Hi There! Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!! Mine was cray cray. Ellie got an ear infection, I broke out in poison ivy all over legs and arms, which itched like the dickens, and then I lost my debit card, which I found today in the trash (nice). You know, one of… Read more »

Less Stuff, More Depth

Andrew heard sleeping on the bed and ellie checking his health

Hello!! I read an article in Health magazine last week that interviewed the actress, Sophia Bush, and something she said really stayed with me. She said her theme for the year is, “narrow and deep,” AKA– less stuff, more depth, which really resonated with me. It’s the idea of only keeping the things in my… Read more »

Heavy Heart

A black and white picture of the ellie and bailey standing under the tree

Hiya!! I’m hoping you are all having a great week! I have something that has been heavy on my heart for quite some time now that I want to share with you. I’ve been experiencing a lot of guilt around this issue and I’m hoping by talking about it today, there will be healing. During… Read more »

Righting My Wrong

Have you ever made an emotional financial decision you knew wasn’t wise for you or for your family, but instead of having the power to say “no” you said “yes” and felt awful about it (I’m talking sick-to-your-stomach, can’t sleep kind of feeling)? I recently found myself in this situation, and thankfully I was able… Read more »

Powerful Life Lessons

Bailey holding a book Ellie project with her friend

HI! Before we dive in, I have to tell you the cutest story that happened to me this morning. I was working in my office and my sweet Ellie Grace woke up, crawled into my lap, and proceeded to tell me about how she was going to kiss a boy. Yes, she is only 4… Read more »

The Power of being Present

Ellie holding the paint brush and painting on the paper

Hi There! Hope you are having a great week. Has this summer not flown by? This morning I went on a walk with Ellie. I walked our dog, Keller, while Ellie pushed her stuffed animals in a baby stroller. Halfway through the walk, El asked if we could take a break. We sat on the… Read more »

HELP, please!

Bailey and her colleagues sitting and working

Hi Friend! Thank you so much for your support with The Ellie Project. I was blown away by the response on Sunday to The Ellie Project Legacy Book Sale. Ellie and I felt so loved and encouraged reading your heartfelt messages on Facebook. I wish you could have been a fly on the wall last… Read more »

Do You Feel Free?

Ellie and Bailey posing for a picture under the tree

Hi There!! What would you say is the number one thing that holds you back from taking hold of the life you want?! For me, it was ultimately what others might think about me: Would I fulfill their expectations, would they judge me harshly, would I be misunderstood…maybe I would offend someone and then no… Read more »