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Nashville Trip – Part One

Bailey and Ellie at a Boutique shopping in Franklin

  Hi there! I’ve always wanted to go visit Nashville, Tennessee. I fell in love with downtown Franklin, Tennessee a few years ago while attending a business seminar. I remember thinking it was so charming. From walking around the square to tasting the yummy southern food, shopping in the adorable boutiques, and meeting the kindest… Read more »

Limiting Ourselves

Bailey and her colleagues at the TEXMED event

  Hello! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! My daughter, Ellie, and I had a blast! We swam, ate good food, and spent quality time with family from all over the country who came to town this weekend for a family reunion. I so wished my late grandmother, Alice, and my late Aunt… Read more »


Bailey holding her kid Ellie on her back at the beach

  You are creative. These three words changed my life eight years ago. A seed was planted. I was pregnant with Ellie, selling real estate, and seeking guidance on what I wanted to do with my life when I hired Christine Hassler, a life coach out of Los Angeles. I’d read two of her books,… Read more »

The Greatest Showman

Bailey Heard and Her Daughter Ellie Enjoying Time on A Beach

  Every morning, for the past month, Ellie and I have rocked out to The Greatest Showman soundtrack on our drives to school. I’m thinking we aren’t the only ones doing this, because a few weeks ago we were jamming in my car before I dropped her off, and the lady parked next to me… Read more »

Little Entrepreneur

Ellie Displaying Goodies and The Ellie Project on Flex

    I was waiting at a stop light in Dallas last week when I asked my daughter, “Ellie, would you like to give the dollar you just earned to the man standing on the side of the road asking for money?” I adjusted my rearview mirror to sneak a peak at her precious face…. Read more »

Success Patterns

Bailey Heard Standing on Beach, Easter Weekend

Hi There! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend ☺ Ellie and I spent the weekend with my late husband, Andrew’s, sister and brother-in-law, and their three kiddos in Paris, TX. Eric is the Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Paris, and we’ve gone to his church for the past couple of Easter’s. After the… Read more »


Bailey Heard in Blue Shirt on Stereotypical Thoughts

  I absolutely hate being stereotyped. No one wants to be labeled, categorized, or put into a box, and although we’ve all probably had stereotypical thoughts about someone we just met, it always baffles me whenever someone shares their oversimplified idea of me to my face. I never know how to handle it. My first… Read more »

Tribute to My Aunt Betsy

Aunt Betsy of Bailey Heard and Jimmy Dean in an Old Photo

  Last week was a really difficult week for my family. My aunt (my dad’s older sister), Betsy, passed away from complications with COPD. She’d been battling COPD for years and, after this last hospital stay, her lungs could no longer take the stress. I’m thankful I was able to be by her side during… Read more »

New Opportunity

Bailey Heard with Alyssa, Wife of Her Cousin

  Hello! Hope you’re off to a great week so far. Today I want to share some exciting news with you! As I’ve expressed in previous posts, 2017 was by far my most challenging year since losing my husband, Andrew, four and a half years ago. Denial was gone and grief hit hard. I got… Read more »


Bailey Heard with Jamie at Book Launch

  Hi There! I’m writing to you from 35,000 feet in the air, having finally gotten on standby after spending hours at John Wayne Airport in Anaheim, California, hoping to catch a flight home to Dallas after my original flight was cancelled due to bad weather. Been there? By the time you read this, I’ll… Read more »