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That’s My Kind of Barre

(My friend Lindsay and her adorable son Rise modeling his Pure Barre t-shirt) If you know me well, then you know I have no interest in the bar scene. This is fairly shocking considering my upbringing. As the daughter of a nightclub owner, I spent a lot of Saturday morning’s, during my early childhood, at… Read more »

Get Up and Get Going!

(Andrew picked this quote out of many different quotes and kept this band around his wrist while he was battling cancer.) Hi There! I’m not going to lie; I’ve had a difficult time trying to write lately (hence, I haven’t written in over a month). This is my first rodeo with writer’s block. It seems that… Read more »

Use Your Noggin

(engagement photo 2007) On July 26, 2014, it will be one year since Andrew passed away.  It feels like it’s taken me the past year just to wrap my mind around what happened.  He fought hard for ten, long months. At the time, ten months felt like several years, but now, looking back, it seems… Read more »

Your Voice

Hi Everyone! It has been a busy few months filled with all things exciting and adventurous!  I’ve been traveling the country sharing my story with various groups as well as taking some time for myself.  I recently got back from Costa Rica on a women’s retreat.  I decided this trip was going to be my… Read more »

New Year New Experiences

Hi there! Happy belated New Year! Not sure about you, but I’m ready for a new year!  I love the idea of reflecting on the past year to inform and inspire this new year filled with wisdom and experience and sharing it in order to encourage those facing a challenging season.  I love facing new… Read more »

Back To You Bailey

Hello Friend! I hope that you’ve gotten to enjoy quality time with the ones you love over this holiday season. Yesterday was a bitter-sweet day for me and Ellie.  She was so happy to see what Santa brought her, but deep down there was a not so hidden sadness in her demeanor.  We stayed with… Read more »

Home Sweet Home

Today I turned 29! Some might dread the thought of turning 30, not me! I’m soaking up all the lessons from my twenties and running with open arms to my thirties. I have high hopes for this next decade. It’s amazing to me how during my first 20 years I can feel like I’ve barely… Read more »

You May Now McKissack

Hello Friends, I’ve been M.I.A for the past couple of weeks so we have lots to catch up on!  Being close to the ocean in San Diego with Ellie and my family was relaxing and therapeutic, need I say more?!  I read a great book on the trip called “My Story” by Elizabeth Smart (the… Read more »

Places to Go

Hey there! I’ve been a busy bee.  A couple of weeks ago Ellie and I spent a long weekend in Branson with Andrew’s family. We stayed in cabins, went to shows and El went to Silver Dollar City with her grandparents and cousins. It was nice to spend quality time together.  My heart continues to… Read more »

Death and Life of a Dream

Lately, I’ve been reminded about the reality that when some dreams come to an end the birth of new dreams begin.  It’s been a little over two months since Andrew passed away and sometimes the more time passes the more real the loss of his presence in our lives.  With each new day I grow… Read more »