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Hard To Watch

Hi Friend, It’s been a traumatic week.  We went into gamma knife on Tuesday expecting the procedure to be on four tumors. After waiting and waiting the doctor told us there were now twelve tumors.  It was devastating news.  The doctor went ahead and treated all twelve spots with gamma knife.  The hardest part of… Read more »

Valentines Day Therapy

These days you will find me (actually you wont because I’ve pretty much become a  hermit since last week) wearing no makeup ( mostly because I could cry at the drop of a hat and because these days brushing my teeth is a huge accomplishment) and buried in financial statements.  To say math has never… Read more »

Sharing is Caring

Hi Friends, It’s taken me a few days to be able to write because I’ve had a lot to process.  You’ve probably read Andrew’s blog already , but if you haven’t I’ll give a quick recap.  On Monday Andrew came home from radiation and pulled me onto his lap.  He proceeded to tell me… Read more »

Adventures at M.D. Anderson

It’s 9:00 pm and I’m writing to you from M.D. Anderson Outpatient MRI center.  Welcome to my new life.  It’s an adventure filled with daily road trips to Houston and zapping treatments.  Yesterday I looked around the waiting room while Andrew was getting radiation and realized that everyone getting this treatment was 55-85 years old. … Read more »


Hi Friend! As you probably know by now Andrew received some important results last week.  They were the best results we could have received without getting a full blown miracle.  I’ll give a quick recap.  Basically, the tumor in his chest hasn’t shrunk any more then it did after the first two rounds (which shrunk… Read more »

Being Heard

Howdy friends! I don’t usually do back to back updates, but we have some big results coming this weekand we are going to need all the prayers we can get!  Early Tuesday morning Andrew is getting a PET scan to see if the cancer has spread to any other areas of his body, since his… Read more »

Heard Ya

Happy New Year’s Eve!!  Guess where I am?  Yep, M.D. Anderson!  I’m pretty sure I’ve spent almost every major special event (anniversary, birthday, New Years Eve) in this place J   I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family.  The holidays are always a whirlwind.  It’s been awhile since I last… Read more »

People Pleasing Syndrome

At the end of last week I had a miniature breakdown.  I’ve always been a people-pleaser sometimes to the detriment of not pleasing myself.  I never want anyone to feel awkward or out-of-place, so I make it my duty to put people at ease.  I’m learning in life that we can’t please everyone and we will drive… Read more »

The Early Years

If you’ve read Andrew’s blog posts you’ll know that in the heat of the moment I’ve thrown pizza, a remote control and a karate move at him.  I’ve used language I never thought I’d use.  I’ve infuriated him to the point of sleeping on the couch for practically the whole first year of marriage.  One time… Read more »

The Big Two Eight

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has happened with the Heards.  I think you all know by now, but the day before Andrew’s 30th birthday (Nov. 29th) we found out that Andrew’s tumor had shrunk significantly!  It was the best news we’ve received throughout this whole process.  We… Read more »