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Attitude of Gratitude

I have a lot to be grateful for!  I’m reminded of that now more than ever.  Why does it sometimes take tragic events in our lives to remind us what we do have?  Five years ago, when I started feeling pretty low and lost, I picked up several self-help books that encouraged me to just… Read more »

It’s A Love Story

So my promise is long overdue.  I want to share the infamous engagement story I’ve been telling you about.  Before I tell it I want to preface that I have matured and grown up a lot since that time, so please keep that in mind J  I don’t know why, but for some reason I’ve… Read more »

Update on our Crazy Cancer Life!

Hi Friends!  I wanted to send you an update on our crazy cancer life!  This week Andrew went out of town for business to Minnesota.  The day he left his hair started to fall out.  He wanted me to schedule pictures ASAP because he was anticipating that his hair would fall out soon.  Our pastor… Read more »

Permission Granted

Hi Friends!  I just got back from “The Big Apple.”  I barely made it out before Sandy blew in.  When I say barely, I mean my flight got cancelled; I got the last seat on a different airline and was one of the last flights out before they shut down the airport. Craziness.   It… Read more »

Beast Of A Week

This week has been a beast.  I feel like I’ve had a crash course in how to handle cancer 101.  Last Saturday we headed to M.D. Anderson to get his first round of chemo treatment.  Shockingly, the treatment went smoothly without any sickness.  We had a private room and our nurse was fabulous.  I wasn’t… Read more »

The Scoop

First off, I am incredibly grateful for all of your prayers, words of encouragement and love.  Yesterday was a tough day for me.  I went into the doctor’s office hopeful that the spot on Andrew’s arm wasn’t cancer.  Andrew and his parents went in expecting the cancer to be stage 4.  I think I was… Read more »

Joy in Fear

I know I said the next post would be our engagement story, but I can’t shake the anxiety I am feeling about tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment, so instead I’m gonna vent.  I will keep this short and sweet. The last few days have felt extremely heavy and a little dark.  The whole family has been filled… Read more »

Our Story

I’m not going to lie, the past two days I’ve felt emotionally wiped out.  All I’ve wanted to do is sleep.  My energy feels low and my spirits have been a little down.  I thought it might be therapeutic to share mine and Andrew’s love story with those of you who don’t know it.  This… Read more »

Drink It Up

Walking through M.D. Anderson today was both challenging and inspiring.  Although I didn’t feel prepared for what I was about to see, the experience moved me.  I saw both suffering and hope. I saw strength and weakness.  For the first time I realized that things were about to completely change for my family.  So far… Read more »

Handling the Heards

If my life was a reality television series the ratings would have been through the roof this weekend.  It all started on Thursday morning when we went in for Andrew’s biopsy. Two hours into surgery, the doctor told us he was unable to drill into the bone marrow.  The wind was completely knocked out of… Read more »