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Do The Thing

A black and white picture of the bailey heard

Hi There! Have you ever wanted to try something new, but you were afraid to get started because you thought you were too old, too young, too this, too that? I have! But after years of analyzing, asking should I or shouldn’t I, I finally dove in. I think you should dive in to whatever… Read more »

Fill Your Tank

An elder sister holding her younger sister on her lap

  Hi There! Ellie and I just got back from spending her spring break vacation in Miamisburg, Ohio visiting my brother Pres, his wife Anna, and their 14-month-old baby girl, Amelia. Oh, and two of Ellie’s favorite dogs, Winston and Ziglar! My parents and Aunt Betty were also along for the ride. My brother and… Read more »

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Confession: When I was 8 or 9 years old I wet myself on stage in front of hundreds (possibly thousands) of people at the Miss Pre-Teen Texas Pageant in Dallas, TX. Up until this “proud” moment I’d only been in two pageants. Both were at the Denton County Fair. I remember getting to the pageant… Read more »

Coming Into My Own

A woman in an orange dress holding her child

Hi There! Ellie and I just got back from a trip to Houston where I was asked to come back and speak for the second time to the MOPS (Mother’s of Pre-School) Copperfield group. Shout out to those lovely ladies. You are amazing and I appreciate how loved and welcome you’ve always made me feel…. Read more »

Ellie Turns 8

Bailey posing with the el's at her birthday dinner

I can’t believe my baby girl is 8 years old today. I’ll never forget the day I met you. Your full set of black hair, dark skin—I couldn’t believe you came from me. Your dad held you first and I watched as he beamed with joy, rocking you in his arms. I remember feeling awe… Read more »

Life Coaching as a Career

Side pose of a woman in an orange color dress smiling

Hi There!! Over the past couple of months, I’ve had an influx of people reach out to me wanting to know more about life coaching as a possible career for themselves. Honestly, this is so refreshing, because after getting certified back in 2015 I quickly realized coaching was way more mainstream in places like New… Read more »

Choose Courage

Bailey holding El's upside down and smiling

This morning, as I was driving Ellie to school, I felt the urge to put the Jack Johnson station on Pandora. From the moment I heard his voice I couldn’t stop smiling, and a rush of memories and joy flooded my heart and mind. I was transported back to 2005, driving down Valley Mills road… Read more »

New Year, New Theme

Bailey and El's posing for a picture on the cruise

Hi There!! Happy New Year! Ellie and I just got back from a family cruise over the holidays and I must say, it was so nice to unplug from the world for awhile and get to be completely present with my family. It was a nice recharge and now I’m ready for 2019! This year… Read more »

Birthday Boundaries

El's holding a flower boutique at a family function

  Hi There! Thank you so much for all of the birthday love last week! I turned 34 last Monday and celebrated by spending the Sunday before relaxing at the spa with my mom, then meeting my dad, aunt, and Ellie for dinner on Sunday evening. Family + relaxation + good food = my kind… Read more »

Conversations with Ellie

Bailey and Ellie sitting on the wooden swing

As a parent I feel like a fish out of water most days. Anyone? It’s been a lot of trial and error—aiming for a target, blindfolded, and hoping to hit the mark, or even get close to it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and done some things well. What I know for sure is… Read more »