Meet Bailey

Welcome! I’m Bailey. I’m on a mission to help women who have experienced loss create the NEXT CHAPTER of their lives – one that is full of hope, inspiration, authenticity, and passion.

Loss can come in many forms. Whether the loss of a loved one or the loss of a dream, I encourage women to allow the challenging times that come in the wake of a loss to inspire their growth and the creation of a beautiful new beginning, as opposed to defining them and keeping them stuck.

From becoming a widow and single mom at age 28, to building a successful life-after-loss coaching and speaking business, I believe once the grieving has subsided, you are in the perfect place to create a life full of meaning and purpose. Why? Because journeying through a loss has the ability to burn away what no longer serves us, leaving us primed to tap into what it means to live our lives to the fullest and ready to make our dreams a reality.

While I’m incredibly compassionate about how disorienting and overwhelming loss can be, I am committed to helping you answer the question, “What’s next?”

Together, we’ll discover and create a plan of action around your passions and unique gifts so you can create a life you’re over-the-moon excited to live each day!

Why do I feel it is my calling to connect women to their true essences and dreams? My life was transformed by the courage and character of my husband, Andrew, as he battled stage four lung cancer. Until the very end, Andrew wrote books, traveled, and spoke to thousands of people about keeping the faith, even during life’s most difficult situations. Watching him fearlessly live his life to the fullest, even though his earthly expiration date arrived earlier than he expected, was a wake-up call for me. I was utterly and deeply inspired by his desire to make a positive impact, and forever changed by his courage. Determined to make his legacy known, I now travel the country speaking to groups large and small, sharing Andrew’s books and our story.

Are you ready to begin creating the next chapter of your life? Take your first step by heading over to the Work With Me and Speaking sections to find out if we’re a good match!