Welcome! I’m Bailey.

I’m on a mission to help women who have experienced loss create the NEXT CHAPTER of their lives – one that is full of hope, inspiration, authenticity, and passion. I am committed to assisting you in gaining clarity and momentum as you reconnect with your true self and discover you are in the best possible place to build the life of your dreams. We’re in this together, one chapter at a time.


Hi Friend! Thank you so much for your support with The Ellie Project. I was blown away by the response on Sunday to The Ellie Project Legacy Book Sale. Ellie and I felt so loved and encouraged reading your heartfelt messages on Facebook. I wish you cou… Read more »


Hi There!! What would you say is the number one thing that holds you back from taking hold of the life you want?! For me, it was ultimately what others might think about me: Would I fulfill their expectations, would they judge me harshly, would I be mi… Read more »

book signing me and El bug

HAVE YOU ever read a book that changed your life?! I’m sure you have. My own moment came eight years ago.  I read Twenty Something Twenty Everything by Christine Hassler and I was so fascinated by it I had to know more. Turns out the author was a life… Read more »

Team EP in NYC

Hi Friend! You may already know The Ellie Project was created during my late husband, Andrew’s, bonding time with our daughter, Ellie, while he was laying in his hospital bed in our home. He really wanted to play with Ellie, but couldn’t wrestle with h… Read more »