Your Best Life LaterNEWBOOK

Our youth are being deceived!  We are deceived by a voice that disguises itself as the “American” dream.  In Your Best Life Later, you will find a story of the All-American Boy and a glimpse into how the myth of modern society has deceived us.  At the end of life, there is no room for regrets.  Through football, fame, women, and cancer, a young man comes to one conclusion:  my best life must be later and it must be with God!  This emotionally moving examination of a young man’s life will lead you to question how you are living your own.


Your Best Life Later Book - Andrew B. Heard

A Gray Faith

We all face dark times, but the manner in which we embrace our faith through the gray uncertainty determines the growth our soul will experience in this life and the life to come.


A Gray Faith - Andrew B. Heard

The Ellie Project

Andrew wrote The Ellie Project as a way to connect with our two-year-old daughter, Ellie Grace.  He was confined to a hospital bed in our house and couldn’t play with her in a conventional way, so he got creative. Knowing Ellie loved to draw and her love of animals, Andrew and Ellie would draw together in his hospital bed each night. When he was a child, Andrew wanted to be a cartoonist, so he enjoyed utilizing his talent by drawing pictures of Ellie’s favorite animals. He got the idea to create a different animal for each letter in the alphabet, then pair the drawing with  a love letter to Ellie about character-building lessons he wanted her to know throughout her life. He was able to finish A through Z before he passed away on July 26, 2013.

My hope is that The Ellie Project will help to not only teach your kids the alphabet, but will teach them character-building lessons that will stay with them throughout their lives.  The book was written and illustrated with love from an adoring father to his daughter with the intention of connecting and encouraging her to know what truly matters in this life.  These are Andrew’s original drawings and writings.

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