Today’s post was inspired by one of my greatest inspirations, my daughter, Ellie. It’s hard to believe she will be starting kindergarten in the fall. My, how time flies. This is her last week of preschool and I can’t help but think about all we’ve been through together in her five years of life. She has truly influenced and shaped the woman I am today. This one’s dedicated to you, my sweet girl.


We’ve been through a lot together,

Both you and I.

I’ve watched you laugh for hours

And I’ve seen you cry.


We started your life with three

And now our journey has left just you and me.


Your love gave me strength

And hope when I was low,

Your love gave me inspiration

And a strong desire to grow.


Being your mom inspires me

To want to be the best.

Being your mom has challenged me

With the ultimate test.


A test of patience, kindness,

Compassion, and of love.

A reflection of the true

Ultimate LOVE from above.


I know God has amazing plans

For you, my Ellie dear,

So hold onto His promises

For HE is always near.


He’ll transform your pain to purpose

As He guides you through His plan.

He’s done all this for me,

So I know He will and can.


All the lives you will touch,

All the places you’ll go.

The influence you’ll have,

This I certainly know.


For now, I’ll enjoy each second

Together as our time flies by.

I’m proud of you, baby, and

So is your sweet Daddy in the sky.


Headed to sunny California at the end of this week to enjoy some quality time at Disneyland and in San Diego with my family. I won’t be posting next week as I will be fully present with the fam, but I’ll have lots to share on Wednesday, June 8th. Hope you have a fabulous week! Thank you for spending time with me today. Grateful for YOU. Blessings.

PS – Ellie gave The Ellie Project to one of her classmates as part of her friend’s birthday gift and I received the sweetest text from her mom saying, “I just finished reading The Ellie Project to my daughter. When we finished she looked at me and said, ‘I love Ellie’s daddy.'” Made my heart melt knowing Ellie’s friends can feel like they know her daddy through this incredible book he left for her. Get your copy here.

PPS – Would love the opportunity to come share my family’s story and the powerful message about transforming our pain into purpose to create a more meaningful and purposeful life, as well as how to have faith and courage in spite of fear. It’s a universal message I hope will touch your hearts and inspire you to take massive action in your life. If you’re interested in having me come share, please email me at [email protected].