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Speak Up

A picture of Bailey in blue color shirt

When I was 7, I was playing at a neighbor’s house, entranced by Michael Jackson in his “Thriller” music video when another neighborhood friend busted through the front door in tears. She was distraught because one of the much older neighborhood boys (he must have been in junior high or high school) was mean to… Read more »

Quarantined Life

An elder sister carrying her younger sister on back

My, how life can change so quickly.   Just a few weeks ago, El and I were scheduled to head out on a flight to Ohio for her spring break to visit my brother, his wife, their two baby girls, and my parents.   The news was breaking about the Coronavirus, but nothing in Texas… Read more »

 Tribute to Elbie

A young girl posing with the old woman

One of my favorite things about my late husband, Andrew, was how much he loved his grandmother, Elbie.   When we first met, he’d tell me stories about how Elbie and his late grandfather, Ira, would take care of him during the weekdays from when he was a baby through his toddler years while his… Read more »

Don’t Go It Alone

Two young ladies posing for a picture at a restaurant

Hi There! Yesterday I had the honor of speaking to the MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) First Frisco group! During the Q & A portion of the event, I felt inspired to share a recent happening in my life that taught me a valuable lesson. Based on conversations I had with some of the women, it… Read more »

My Life with A.D.D.

Bailey sitting at the fireplace with her pet dogs

  Hi There! I hope you are having a great week so far! Today, I wanted to share my ongoing journey with A.D.D. and some tips and hacks I use to be more productive in my everyday life.   I was in first or second grade when I got tested for learning differences. The result… Read more »


A women player jumping high in the play ground

Last week I was about to resume watching The Office on Netflix, and instead of selecting The Office, I accidentally chose a show called Cheer. I was just about to change it back to The Office when I suddenly got sucked into the storyline.   Having a cheerleading background, I was immediately taken back in time to my years as a… Read more »

A New Start

A woman in orange color dress and bead chain

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the holidays.   Coming to the start of a new decade got me thinking about all that’s happened in my life. Over the past ten years, I became newly married, started a career in real estate, had a baby, lost my husband to cancer, co-authored a book, and… Read more »

If You Choose Singleness…

A woman and her kid posing for a picture at the Christmas tree

Hi there! A couple of weeks ago, I was out Christmas shopping at one of my daughter’s favorite stores when the manager of the store approached me while I was checking out.   Years ago, this same manager helped me pick out beautiful large memory boxes to store my late husband, Andrew’s, keepsakes. I remember… Read more »

Come Alive at 35

A family posing for a picture at the birthday party

Hi there! I wanted to say thank you so much for all of the encouraging birthday messages on FB on Tuesday. Reading through them made my day extra special. I can honestly say that this year was my favorite birthday yet!   In my twenties, I got emotional every year on my birthday, and for… Read more »

A Big, Happy Life: In the Midst of Pain

A poster on Big happy life show by Bailey Heard

Recently, I got the opportunity to do a podcast with one of my dear friends, Whitney Putnam. She has a fantastic podcast called The Big Happy Life Show and invited me to be a guest. Whitney is married to Michael, who is one of my late husband Andrew’s best friends from seminary.   Andrew was… Read more »