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Come Alive at 35

Hi there! I wanted to say thank you so much for all of the encouraging birthday messages on FB on Tuesday. Reading through them made my day extra special. I can honestly say that this year was my favorite birthday yet!   In my twenties, I got emotional every year on my birthday, and for… Read more »

A Big, Happy Life: In the Midst of Pain

Recently, I got the opportunity to do a podcast with one of my dear friends, Whitney Putnam. She has a fantastic podcast called The Big Happy Life Show and invited me to be a guest. Whitney is married to Michael, who is one of my late husband Andrew’s best friends from seminary.   Andrew was… Read more »

Laughter…Medicine for Healing

Let’s be honest…Life can be heavy.   Eventually, I slipped from the fog of my denial over losing my husband and into accepting, feeling, and processing my pain from what I’d seen and experienced.   There were times when all those dark feelings were almost too much for me to bear. I worried I wouldn’t… Read more »

Gold in the Fire

Why is it so darn hard to be vulnerable? That was the question running through my mind as I was feeling embarrassed to perform in my acting class. I’ve always had a vivid imagination, but the idea of publicly being imaginative paralyzed me. I so desperately want to get out of my perfectionistic left brain… Read more »

Back to The Library

What worked for you in the past? This question ran through my mind after yet another day of asking myself what exactly I’d accomplished. Here’s a snapshot of that list: laundry, dishes, picked up around the house, sorted the mail, went to the cleaners, grabbed lunch at Salata, ran to the grocery store, walked the… Read more »

Influencer 2019

Hi There! I just got back from what might have been my all-time favorite conference yet, and I’ve been to a lot of ’em. This summer, I was reading The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard, and in the book, he talks about his conference, Influencer. My mom was also reading the book, and we were texting back… Read more »

Tell Your Story

In the spring of my first real heartbreak, I found poetry. I was 17 years old, and my 11th grade English teacher assigned a poetry project. We were to write a book filled with different types of poetry. Up to this point, I’d only written privately in the journals I’d accumulated over the years. Never… Read more »

Freedom Through Forgiveness

Hello! Have you ever had specific themes present themselves in different seasons of your life? While I would say an overall theme in my life has been healing (body, mind, soul), under that overarching theme there’s been a sub-theme of forgiveness, both asking for it, receiving it from others, and forgiving myself. Forgiveness is important… Read more »

The Only Way Out Is In

Hello! I love memoirs. The chance to see the world through another person’s perspective thrills me. I particularly enjoy listening to memoirs when the author is the narrator because I feel an even more profound sense of connection. After hearing someone else’s story, I’m reminded to release judgments, grow in empathy, and extend compassion for… Read more »

Enneagram Anyone?

Hello! A few weeks ago, I shared some humbling realizations about myself that, after avoiding or trying to change, I’ve finally accepted, embraced, and chosen to face and grow from (Summer Break post). In the weeks to come, I want to unfold the resources that have helped me experience breakthroughs in some significant areas. Specifically,… Read more »