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Divine Provision

Bailey and Ellie sitting on the swing with her pet dog

  Hello Dear Friend! Today’s message is about my experience of God’s provision through challenging times. My heart in sharing this is to encourage you to TRUST God’s plan for your life, even when it doesn’t go the way you expected. After years of living in a fog of denial over the loss of my… Read more »

Come Back Kid – Part 2

Bailey and Ellie with friends at an exhibition

  Hi There! A few weeks ago I shared about one of the darkest and hardest seasons of my grief (catch up here), and how it was such a low I feared I’d never come back the same. The truth is, I didn’t come back the same. I came back different and better. Here are… Read more »

The Comeback Kid – Part 1

Bailey and a woman at an whiskey in a teacup event

    Who doesn’t love a good comeback story? A book or a movie about an underdog who beats the odds to overcome a personal challenge to realize their potential. I’m thinking Rudy, Rocky, Remember the Titans. These stories are inspiring and hopeful, and I’ve come to realize that life ebbs and flows with opportunities… Read more »

LOVE is the Answer

Ellie sitting and holding her poodle dog

  Last weekend, I made the major mistake of taking my 7-year-old daughter, Ellie, to Pet Land. Pet Land is a pet store where you can purchase adorable puppies and other pets. The dangerous part is they let you take the dogs out of their crates and play with them in a private room. I’d… Read more »

Girls’ Trip

Friends posing for a picture at the juice wave restaurant

  I’ve always wanted to take a girls’ trip ever since learning that was a thing. A few years after graduating college, I remember hearing stories of sorority sisters or college roommates taking annual girls’ trips to the beach, or hitting the ski slopes or having a relaxing spa getaway. I thought, One day I’m… Read more »


Ellie holding a yellow parrot on her shoulder

Hello! Hip Hip Hooray for school starting back! Summer was fun and now I’m craving a little structure and routine. This week my daughter, Ellie, started second grade. When I asked how her first day of school went she reported, “Best first day ever!” This was music to my ears and really quite shocking, because… Read more »

Five Years in Heaven

An old picture of Ellie and Andrew on the lake

  Five years ago today I was sitting next to my terminally ill 30-year-old husband. He was in a hospital bed in his childhood home, and I was holding his hand, tears streaming down my cheeks. I watched his mother gently caressing his face and sweetly singing hymns over him as he whispered, “I love… Read more »

Boundaries = Peace of Mind

Ellie and Bailey posing for a picture at the park

Hi There! I finally hit a breaking point. Rewind… Six months ago I took a new job at Keller Williams. Ever since, it’s been a learning curve as to how to juggle the new position with speaking, writing, managing my home and my businesses, and taking care of my 7-year-old daughter, Ellie. Gradually, and then… Read more »

Adventures in Atlanta – Part Two

Laniere with Ellie Posing for a picture at the lake

  Hello! A couple of weeks ago my daughter, Ellie, and I went on an adventure to Nashville, Tennessee (see last week’s post, Nashville Trip – Part One for the first half of our trip). The second part of the week we flew to Atlanta to spend time with my sister, Melanie, brother-in-law, Bolling, and… Read more »