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I’ve always wanted to take a girls’ trip ever since learning that was a thing. A few years after graduating college, I remember hearing stories of sorority sisters or college roommates taking annual girls’ trips to the beach, or hitting the ski slopes or having a relaxing spa getaway. I thought, One day I’m going to do that.

Then reality would set in and I’d think about all the logistics involved in making a trip like that a reality, such as: the cost of a flight, hotel, food and transportation, finding a weekend that worked with everyone’s schedule and, of course, childcare.

Even though this ever-expanding list took me down a rabbit hole of discouragement, wondering if I could ever afford to do this type of trip, the eternal optimist in me believed I’d figure out a way to make it happen!

Fast forward to this past weekend. Two of my college roomies, Megan and Lindsay, and I headed to sunny San Diego (AKA – my happy place) to rest, relax, have fun, and bond. It was everything I’d hoped a girls’ trip would be, and so much more.

With a little resourcefulness— hunting for some good flight deals, a heap of generosity from our families watching our kids, and the extreme generosity of my parents letting us stay at their amazing beach house, we were able to make this little getaway happen!

We packed a lot into our four-day extravaganza! Starting with massages at the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, followed by dinner at my favorite restaurant, Harney Sushi (Flaming Lip is my favorite dish). The rest of the time we rode bikes around the boardwalk and I finished a book.

Megs and Linds listened to podcasts, sermons, and worship music, and we took walks along the beach. Megs ran like 7 zillion miles on the sand (she’s a machine), I took an amazing yoga class at Mission Beach Yoga. We ate my favorite açai bowls at Juice Wave (Megs and Linds went back for seconds the next day) and we went to fun restaurants like the one on Megan’s bucket list, Café Gratitude, and some other fun ones like Herb and Eatery and Salad Style.

We rode our bikes to Belmont Park one evening to ride the infamous giant dipper rollercoaster, tilt-a-whirl, and then I videoed Megs and Linds faces as they rode on one of my least favorite rides called the Beach Blaster (it’s a tummy dropper which is not my jam…been there, done that twice, which was enough for me ☺ ). We were like little kids again, full of laughter and fun.

On the daily we hit the waves on our boogie boards so much so that my ribs were sore for days. One of our favorite things we did was explore the San Diego farmers’ market. It was incredible and we spent nearly two hours going from booth to booth tasting everything and making some fun purchases.

We pretty much went to bed early every night because deep restful sleep is about the greatest luxury when you have little kids. I enjoyed the vulnerable, honest, and genuinely authentic conversations about life and challenges we were currently going through.

There were some tears, lots of hugs, tons of encouragement, and pee-your-pants laughter. We each walked away from our San Diego girls’ trip full of gratitude and feeling refreshed, while having created lasting memories.

Although it took effort and sacrifice for each of us to make this trip happen, I’m thankful we just dove in and trusted it would all work out. Because in the end, getting to spend quality, uninterrupted time with the women who’ve been through the best times of my life and the hardest times of my life was truly priceless.

I’d love to know…

Have you ever been on a girls’ trip (or a guys’ trip!) and if so, what was the highlight of your time together?!

Thank you so much for contributing. Can’t wait to hear about it!

Truly appreciate you taking the time to read my post. You bless me! Love and Blessings right back to you.

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  1. Megan Douglass

    So wonderful to relive this amazing trip via this sweet blog post?? Treasured this time, Bay! Honored and overjoyed to share life with you! Here’s to a lifetime of friendship and many more girls trips??