Greatest Transformation


It’s scary putting yourself out there and trying something new, be it a new relationship, interviewing for a new job, you name it. Recently I started meeting with different companies for informational interviews, putting myself out there and letting them know I’m looking. I’m simultaneously nervous and excited. Putting together resumes, cover letters, and all the other necessary job application items is a first for me. I was a teacher and cheer coach for two years right out of college, then I worked as a realtor, stayed home with Ellie for the first three years of her life, and then after my husband passed away I created a coaching, speaking, and writing business. So it’s been awhile since I put myself out there.

This whole experience is stretching me and pushing me outside my comfort zone. Over the past four years I made my world very small so I could manage it. I needed time to figure out how to navigate my new normal as a single mom. In the beginning, everything felt overwhelming. As time went by I learned and developed new skills, giving me the confidence to move into a new chapter of my life. In this chapter I desire community, and I’m feeling ready to integrate myself back into the working world and into new relationships.

Life is full of big and little decisions, all day, every day, and there are times when I find myself frozen from indecisiveness. However, I’ve learned from my own experiences it’s better to make a decision in order to keep movement going, because we learn and grow from doing. I remember PE in 3rd grade and being afraid to try kickball because I didn’t want to make a mistake or embarrass myself. When I was younger, if I didn’t think I could be excellent at something I wouldn’t even attempt it. I missed out on a lot of opportunities to find out what I was good at because of my fear of failure. I spent my entire twenties over-analyzing every decision and not taking much action. It wasn’t until Andrew passed away I realized the great cost of wasting time and gifts, which is when I faced my fears of public speaking and started to lean into my interests. When we know better we do better.

There will be times when we put ourselves out there and try new things, and we may fall flat on our faces. For example, I literally ate pavement last week. I just finished an informational interview and then had the most epic exit. I walked out the door and pulled out my phone to text my family about the interview. Right as I began to type, I rolled my ankle in my heels, my foot missed the curb, and I wiped out on the pavement (Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars style). After laughing and simultaneously repeating ouch, I turned around to see a tinted window. Nice.

The truth is when we take action we will make mistakes. But we shouldn’t be afraid of making them, because from the lessons of those mistakes come the greatest transformations.

Thank you so much for spending time with me today. You’re a blessing! Love, Bailey


PS – Need an extra dose of Courage? Check out my TEDx talk:

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