Leap and the Net Will Appear


I walk through the door into my garage, looking around at what used to be filled with boxes and boxes of books, piled high and consuming half of the entire space. Now it looks almost empty. A wave of disbelief, gratitude, and panic comes over me as I realize I might run out of books for my next few speaking events. I remember the day I ordered 5,000 Ellie Project books, not sure if I could or would sell them all.  John Burroughs has a famous quote, “Leap and the net will appear.” That’s what I did. Now, looking at the empty garage, I realize I need to re-order copies of all three books because my demand has become greater than my supply.

Three years ago, I said yes to what can only be described as a calling to share my late husband, Andrew’s, message and his books, Your Best Life Later, A Gray Faith, and now The Ellie Project, with the world. I had no idea how I was going to heed this calling and financially support my family, but I knew I had to try. So I took a risk and trusted God with the details. There were days throughout the journey that I almost threw in the towel because I was worried about finances or because I went months without speaking and I doubted I could keep myself booked consistently.

Each time I questioned whether I should continue on this path or not, there was someone there to encourage me to keep going, who helped build my net stronger. Whether it was someone who’d just heard me speak and made a point to come talk to me afterward to tell me how my message was meant just for her, reminding me that sharing was important and healing. Or when my mom said, “Bailey, hold on a little while longer and persevere through the challenges. You can do this. I believe in you.”

All the encouragement brings me back to the heart of WHY I said yes to this path and what this path has created inside of me. See, life isn’t meant to be easy and obstacles are inevitable. All challenges build character, ignite growth, and deepen our gratitude, which for me has lead to an even more fulfilling life. Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Sometimes we have to take that leap, even when we can’t yet see the net, knowing it won’t be easy, that there will be bumps along the way, yet trusting the journey is shaping us into more of who we were always meant to be.

In what area of your life do you know you need to take that leap, even though you’re afraid? How might this decision possibly change your life for the better?

Can’t wait to read your answers! Remember you are more courageous than you even know. So challenge yourself by taking a chance, hold on through the ups and downs, and watch your life transform before your very eyes. I believe in YOU!! Love and Blessings.

PS – Thank you, Sandy, for having me speak to the women’s ministry at Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, TX last week. My heart is full!! Headed to Atlanta, GA and Carlsbad, CA this week to speak at two Keller Williams Inspirational breakfast/brunches. Can’t wait to connect with my KW family!

PPS – I’d love to come speak at your next event! Contact me today at [email protected]! Looking forward to talking to you 🙂

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