New Opportunity



Hope you’re off to a great week so far.

Today I want to share some exciting news with you! As I’ve expressed in previous posts, 2017 was by far my most challenging year since losing my husband, Andrew, four and a half years ago.

Denial was gone and grief hit hard. I got sick, hit rock bottom, and was left wondering how I was ever going to bounce back and move forward from this really dark place. Even though I had people who loved me all around, I felt completely alone.

Often times when we are at our lowest we find ourselves willing to surrender our lives to the Highest.

That’s when I looked to God to fill the void of connection, understanding, and empathy. I surrendered my life, my health, my family, and all I couldn’t control to His plan. In doing so, I restored, deepened, and strengthened my faith.

Slowly moving through the darkness and back into the light, I felt a new beginning was coming and some significant changes needed to be made.

The first big change was I felt it was time to tell my story. For the past few years, I’ve been traveling all over the country sharing Andrew’s story, which is so powerful and inspiring.

I’ve had the opportunity to share over 7,000 copies of The Ellie Project and over 3,000 copies of Andrew’s other two books, A Gray Faith and Your Best Life Later, which was what I felt called to do after he passed away.

I wanted to share his life and his writings. Doing so has brought me so much healing and fulfillment, and now, in this new season of life, I’m finding the courage to open up and share my story.

Andrew’s life will forever be the inspiration that fuels me to step into courage when I’m afraid. His death will remain the catalyst for my personal transformation.

His story will always be intertwined with my story. I’ve clearly seen the value Andrew’s life and works had to offer the world, but struggled to see the value of my own experiences, mistakes, lessons, and growth, until now. So now I’m taking the time and space needed to process, pray, create, and explore my own personal story and message.

While in process, I’ve been discovering new opportunities to provide financially for my family that utilize my experience as a speaker, encourager, and life coach. I’d been doing research and going on interviews for the past six months, but nothing quite felt right.

Then, recently, I got an offer that was a definite, “HECK. YES!”

Last month, at my cousin’s son’s birthday party, my cousin’s wife, Alyssa, approached me about an opportunity to help her build a productivity coaching business in one of the largest Keller Williams offices in the country.

She’d just accepted the role as the Productivity Coach at the Keller Williams Dallas Preston Road office and she was looking for coaches to help her build the business.

The position is entrepreneurial, I’d get to use my life-coaching certification to help others grow their lives and their businesses, and, of course, speaking, teaching and training are a big part of the role. It was like the perfect storm. Bonus is that it had a lot of flexibility, which is important to me as a single mom, and allows me the opportunity to continue pursuing public speaking.

Many of you reading this post might be Keller Williams agents who wrote down your email in order to receive my blog posts at one of your office meetings, inspirational events, or awards ceremonies at which I had the pleasure of speaking.

Over the years, Keller Williams has been one of my biggest supporters in giving me opportunities to come share my message and share Andrew’s writings. I’m forever grateful and honored to be a part of such an incredible company that shares my values of God, family, and business, and that attracts such kind and generous people.

My roots run deep with this company, as my parents, Jim and Linda McKissack, have been in the business most of my life, and my aunt, uncle, cousins, and extended family are also in the business. I also sold real estate for a year at The McKissack Group in the Denton, TX Keller Williams office before having Ellie and staying home with her.

I’m incredibly thankful and excited to be back with Keller Williams in this new role. So that’s the big news!! Truth is, I’m figuring it all out, one step at a time, and this feels like the best right next step.

If you’re willing to share, then I’d love to know if there’s a new step or opportunity that you’ve recently taken in your life that you are excited to celebrate! Please share in the comments below or in the Facebook comments. Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Thank you so much for spending time with me today ☺ Your love and support mean the world to me and I’m so grateful for YOU! Onward and Upward!


PS – Happy Happy Birthday to my incredibly amazing and inspiring mom! Hope you have the best birthday yet! El and I love you with all of our hearts 🙂

PPS – Back in 2015 when I published The Ellie Project, a book Andrew wrote and illustrated during the the final months of his life for our then two-year-old daughter, Ellie, I had no idea the impact it would have on families all over the country. It’s sold over 7,000+ copies, and continues to leave a lasting impression on the hearts of those who read it. Get your signed copy here.