Small Acts of Kindness


Hi There!

Last week I was in Walmart, power walking through the toy isle, searching for a birthday present for one of Ellie’s friends who had an upcoming birthday party.

I’d done my research by asking this little nugget what she wanted, so I was zoned in on the stuffed animal section, looking for a kitten, when I heard a joyful voice say, “I’m so glad it’s Friday!”

I glanced over to realize there was only one of the Walmart employees and me in the isle, so she had to be talking to me. I rapidly agreed that Friday’s are great and asked her if she had to work this weekend. She said no, and I asked her if she had any plans she was looking forward to.

I came into the store that day thinking I would just grab a quick gift and get out the door so I could finish my ever-growing to-do list before picking Ellie up from school.

I knew that continuing to engage in the conversation could change my plans for the day, but something inside me knew this conversation was exactly where I needed to be, so I shifted my expectations and let the conversation go where it was meant to go.

What started as a fairly surface conversation eventually led to her sharing some pretty significant and meaningful things with me.

At one point, she was telling me about the new home she bought and how excited she was to have it. I began celebrating with her when she shared what an awful experience she’d had with her realtor.

The realtor neglected to do her job, resulting in some serious issues with this woman’s new “dream” home that created so much shame that she didn’t want to have anyone over. She said, “I’ve always wanted to be a realtor. I think I’d be great at it!”

I was thinking, I’ve only known this woman for 20 minutes and I know she would be a great realtor. I told her this, then said, “It’s never too late to go for your dreams.”

She told me how she’d worked for Walmart for 23 years. I could tell the prospect of change might be scary for her, like it is for most all of us. I let her know I had many connections in the real estate world and would be more than happy to get her plugged in if and when she wanted to make that dream a reality.

I gave her my card and, after a little more small talk, we parted ways.

Meaningful human connection fills my cup and on that day my cup was overflowing. I felt so grateful for the opportunity to encourage this lady in her dream of being a realtor, and, though she may not have known it, her kindness, positivity, and vulnerability truly blessed me.

Acts of kindness can be as small as taking time to show someone you care by listening and engaging through simple questions.

Doing my part to add a little kindness to someone’s life gives me hope and encouragement during a time when our world is fueled by so much anger, which has lead to horrific acts of violence and hatred.

Small acts of kindness empower us to play an active role in creating a more loving and kind world. “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Love and Blessings.

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