The Actor’s Life- A Survival Guide

Hi There!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Thank you so much for all the sweet birthday love for my little Ellie Grace last week. She beamed with pride when I told her about your messages!

Today I’m sharing some amazing life tips from a great book I recently listened to. It’s called The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide.

In desperate need of a book to listen to on a recent road trip, I randomly found this one. Even though I’m not an actress, this book intrigued me for a couple reasons.

First of all, it was written by Jenna Fisher, who plays Pam on The Office, which brought back happy memories of my late husband, Andrew, and me, cuddled up on the couch in our little apartment and laughing uncontrollably as we watched the show.

The second thing I found intriguing was hearing how someone got from point A to point B. There’s something about being let into someone’s personal experience and hearing about how they overcame their challenges, setbacks, fears, and rejections in order to make their dream a reality that inspires the heck out of me.

It reminds me what I’m feeling and going through is normal, I am not alone, and there are universal fears, beliefs, and challenges we all face at some point in our lives.

I make it a point to read or listen to one of these kinds of books as often as possible because they recharge, refocus, and motivate me to keep going and never give up.

For years, I’ve been collecting binders full of inspiring stories I find in articles and magazines. I encourage you to try this if you’re like me and find personal stories of overcoming challenges motivates you.

There is so much we can learn from listening to a person’s story. Seeing the world through another’s lens has made me less judgmental and more compassionate toward others and toward myself.

Although Jenna’s book was written to artists, I still found her experiences and wisdom translated to my everyday life. In fact, it was so powerful I printed out the tips below and hung them in my office. If they inspire you, too, feel free to do the same!

“Roadblocks, doubts, and insecurity are all part of living an artistic life.”

“Adjust expectations of what it means to be an artist.”

“Accept that things aren’t going to happen quickly.”

“Stop comparing yourself to other people.”

“Commit to an artistic life with all of its ups and downs.”

“Change your approach.”

“Being an artist is a lifestyle.”

“Embrace your decision.”

“Give yourself permission to be an artist.”

“Create your own work.”

“Never give up!”

“Find your own way, be patient with yourself, and try to embrace the journey.”

Next week, I’ll share a big step I’ve taken in my life that happened as a result of reading this book and applying it’s wisdom! Thank you so much for reading!! Lots of Love.