The Shack

This past weekend I went to see the movie, The Shack. It’s one of my all-time favorite books. I remember exactly where I was when I first read it. I was on a cruise with my late husband, Andrew, and his family, and I couldn’t put it down. If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie (don’t worry, no spoilers ahead!), it’s a fiction book attempting to answer the age-old question of why God allows bad things to happen to good people. Looking back, I feel like reading this book helped prepare me spiritually for what was to come in my life. Getting to see the movie after experiencing some serious challenges took me through a whole new healing process. It was so powerful that I was afraid I would deep ugly cry in the movie and wouldn’t be able to stop. I held it together pretty well, although I would recommend bringing some tissues.

I wanted more time to be alone after the movie to process my feelings about what I’d just seen and heard. I jumped in my car and a wave of emotion came over me. Have you ever listened to a sermon or a speaker or read a book and thought that the message was meant for you at that particular time in your life? That’s exactly how I felt in the moment. Like God wanted to remind me through this movie that He’s always been with me and wants me to never stop pursuing a relationship with HIM.

Although I’ve never verbalized that I blamed God for taking Andrew, I realized after watching the film that I do have some beliefs about God that are keeping me from growing closer to HIM. I saw my need to address those beliefs instead of avoiding them. It also inspired me to want to connect with God more deeply. When I first experienced God as a teenager, I poured my heart and soul into building a relationship with HIM. Along the way, I think I got caught up in religion and lost some of my connection to God. On Sunday my pastor talked about Christians who get caught up in saying the right things and doing the right things, which he called religion, and who eventually burn out and find themselves disconnected from God. I think that’s what happened to me. Over time, it became less and less about enjoying God and more about doing or saying the right thing in order to earn His love. The film brought me back to what was always most important and that’s that God is always with us, loves us unconditionally, and wants a relationship with us.

I highly recommend going to see this movie, no matter what your beliefs, because there is wisdom in there for everyone. I’d love to know…What book or movie has been the most spiritually impactful in your life and why? I can’t wait to read your responses because I’m always looking for a good book to download on Audible ☺

Thank you for spending your valuable time with me today! I’m grateful for YOU! Love and Blessings.

PS – Wanted to share this article written in our local paper about my family’s journey. Hope it blesses you.

PPS – Headed to Florida next week to speak to 500 Keller Williams agents at an inspirational breakfast. I’d love to come speak at your next event. Please email me at [email protected] for more details. Blessings.