What Will You Create?

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Hi There!

Just got back from a wonderful trip to Disneyland and San Diego! It was one of the first trips Ellie and I have taken with my entire immediate family. I grew up in my own modern family. Both of my parents were married, each had one child and had divorced before they met, married, and had my younger brother and me. So it was special to have all three of my siblings and their families on the trip! My sister is nine years older than me and it just so happens we both married within six months of each other and had our baby girls six months apart. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, so it’s always fun when we have the opportunity to get our girls together!

We all had a blast at Disneyland! I left feeling so inspired by Walt Disney. His vision, creativity, implementation, and success challenged me to think bigger in every area of my life. Apparently, it did the same for Ellie! While we were in Disneyland, we had the following conversation:

ELLIE: Mom, know how God created us and this world?

ME: Yes.

ELLIE: Well, the Disneylander (Walt Disney) created Disneyland. It’s kind of the same.

ME: Who created the Disneylander?


ME: Yep, isn’t it incredible how our Creator created us to create?

ELLIE: Yeah!

ME: What will you create?

ELLIE: A place for kitties and doggies to play. Disneyland for pets!

ME: I like that idea!

I love watching the wheels turn in her theological mind and hearing her thoughts about life. After our conversation I asked myself the same question, What will I create? Truth is, some days I’m clear and motivated on what I want to create, and other days I question everything and can so quickly lose focus and direction. Part of me enjoys letting life happen, seeing where it leads me, and trusting it will all work out in the end. Yet another part of me doesn’t want to wake up ten years from now in a life that falls short and realize I put myself there by failing to have a clear and specific vision for the future now.

I’ve never been the type of person who makes snap decisions about life. I need to try several things before I know what I like and don’t like. I always knew once I decided what I want to create, the how to create it would come to me. So much of the last five years has been about life circumstances happening to us and me responding to the circumstances from a place of inspiration. I haven’t been completely sure where all of it will lead, but I’m clear on the fact our journey needs to be shared. The answer for me is to get busy taking the next most important action step. To DO, instead of getting stuck in a place of paralysis by analysis. I find when I’m idle for too long my mind creates all kinds of false stories, which only keep me trapped in self-pity. I learn by taking risks, accepting challenges, and by taking action. By doing, I discover and move closer to creating a life I’m excited to wake up for each day.

And what about you? What will you create? Are your daily actions moving you closer to or further away from the life/person you desire to create for yourself and for your family? What is the next most important action step you can take TODAY? Remember, the next most important step may seem small at first, but once it is taken, it gets easier and clearer to see the steps thereafter. Share with me in the comments below!

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Glad to be back with you and grateful for your time with me today! Blessings.

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