What’s your System?

I have this reoccurring daydream where I’m walking through my home and notice my office, my computer, and each bedroom are completely clutter-free and organized.

Everything has a place. Simple, clear, and uncomplicated. I know exactly where things go and exactly what I’m supposed to do each day, confident everything I’m doing is moving me closer to accomplishing my goals and dreams.

The perfectionist in me falls prey to believing the lie that only when my life is completely organized will I be ready to fully focus on the activities that will make my business grow.

Truth is, I’ve already spent so many hours getting ready and prepared by organizing papers, reading business books, taking online webinars, and completing coaching programs.

My mom calls me out on this all the time and she’ll say, “Stop doing the one-to-get-ready, two-to-get-ready, three-to-get-ready. Just GO.”

Every day it’s a mental battle for me as I decide between the activities that keep me busy for busy’s sake, which typically require little mental energy, not a lot of risk, and provide me with a false sense of productivity, and the uncomfortable, risky, yet fruitful activities. I would say this is my biggest challenge as an entrepreneur and I don’t think I’m alone in this.

As humans we are drawn towards clarity and simplicity, and away from chaos and confusion.

So much of our childhood was dictated for us in the sense that many of us went to school, our teachers and coaches telling us exactly what to do. We followed a clear system.

When we became adults we realized there is no road map, and instead we must make what seems like a billion decisions a day. All of this decision-making can cause a lot of pressure as we strive to make the “right and best” decision for ourselves and for our families.

I think this is why creating simple systems in our homes and businesses to support a larger goal is so important. When we have a clear system to follow, even if it evolves as we grow, then we know exactly what to do and how to spend our time.

We feel a sense of purpose and certainty.

Thus, I’ve come to the conclusion I must let go of the idea that my whole life must be organized first, and instead spend my time and focus on applying the clear and simple systems I’ve created to help grow the most important areas of my life and business.

For example: it’s easy, fun, and fulfilling to spend time doing the creative aspects of my business, such as writing and speaking, but in order to keep doing the activities I crave, I have to spend time and energy following through on my systems for booking speaking opportunities.

If I slack off on prospecting these opportunities, which provide me with financial resources, I keep myself from sharing my work and doing what I love.

What activity do you put off because it takes you out of your comfort zone, is risky, but you know would make a huge difference in your business or your life if you consistently followed through on it?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

We are in this together and together we can give each other courage to do the challenging things that will stretch us and help us step into more of who God created us to be. Truly appreciate your time. It’s always a pleasure. You’re amazing! Love and Blessings.

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