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The Evolution of The Ellie Project

Bailey and her colleagues at the simplyers events

Hi Friend! You may already know The Ellie Project was created during my late husband, Andrew’s, bonding time with our daughter, Ellie, while he was laying in his hospital bed in our home. He really wanted to play with Ellie, but couldn’t wrestle with her or run around and play with her outside, so he… Read more »

Mommy Guilt

A black and white picture of the ellie standing in the garden

Hiya! Shout out to all the mamas out there! This post is for you, and by that I mean for me, too, because when I write, I’m processing through my thoughts and emotions on various life situations. The icing on the cake is hopefully by sharing some of my experiences you can relate, and we… Read more »

Conversations With My 4-year-old

Ellie's face was painted with colors and wearing an apron

Hi Friend! Hope you are having a great week! My 4-year-old daughter, Ellie, and I were driving back to Dallas last week and we had a very impactful conversation that I felt compelled to share with you. For those just joining our journey, almost two years ago we lost my husband and Ellie’s dad, Andrew,… Read more »

When in Doubt, Ask for HELP

Bailey and Ellie at the Brooke's wedding function

Hi Friend! Hope you are having a wonderful week! Wanted to let you know that every Wednesday morning I will be writing a new blog post, so if you already subscribe to my blog, you will be getting an inspirational post in your inbox at that time every week! If you haven’t joined us yet… Read more »

Finding Your Unique Voice

Bailey standing and speaking on the mic

Hi! Hope you are having a great week! Will you please do me a solid and take a second to celebrate with me!? I just want to soak up the moment of being able to hold The Ellie Project in my hands! I’m often guilty of doing, doing, doing, and not stopping to be proud… Read more »

Leap of Faith

A collage picture of the Ellie project at an event

Hi There!! Hope you had a wonderful memorial day! I spent some much-needed family time with my daughter and my in-laws at their lake house! This past month has been such a whirlwind from San Diego, to Los Angeles, to Atlanta, to New York that I really enjoyed the downtime. As fun as it’s been,… Read more »

Dancing with Ellen

A collage picture of the bailey with her friends at an event

Hi! Happy Friday! Ok, are you ready to get the juicy deets about The Ellen Show!? First off, thank you so much for all of your encouragement and support! It was a shot in the dark that anything would happen! Here goes… So, I get to the show and I’m standing in line for the… Read more »

Moving Forward After Loss

Bailey and Ellie sitting on stairs and smiling

Hi Y’all! First off, I just want to thank you all so much for your support of The Ellie Project! If you bought a book through by May 1st you will get a signed copy by me and El! I’ve been so blessed by your genuine love and support of the book and for… Read more »

Enjoying Life

Bailey with her friends at the ACM Awards

(ran into my dear friends (mother daughter duo) Lauren and Chandler Peck!) Hi There! I’ve missed you! The past couple of weeks have been such a whirlwind! From The Ellen Show to vacation time with my family in San Diego to getting invited to the Academy of Country Music awards (ACMs) this past weekend, it’s… Read more »