Bigger and Braver

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Hi There! I am writing you today from Mission Beach in sunny San Diego. I’m here to speak to and encourage an amazing group of Keller Williams real estate agents! Ellie and my Aunt Betty came with me from Texas and we met my parents, brother, and sister-in-law here as my parents were already here on vacation. So yes, I’m mixing business with pleasure! Ellie loves coming to San Diego. She is a California girl at heart and loves playing in the sand, finding sea shells, riding her bike on the boardwalk, playing games, and going on rides at Belmont Park. Her absolute favorite thing to do, though, is to pet dogs! It is Ellie who inspired my post today!

Ellie woke up early and excited to conquer the day as she always does when we are in San Diego. I convinced her to go check on the other family members while I caught a few more minutes of rest. For the first time, she actually did what I told her to, which made me say a silent prayer of gratitude for the extra sleep. Ellie had a long list of things she wanted to do today and the first thing on her list was to pet as many dogs as she could that passed her on the boardwalk. As she was sitting on the patio anxiously waiting for dogs to walk by, my Aunt Betty gently reminded her to ask the dog owner if it was OK for her to pet the dogs before touching them. As the first lucky dog approached her, Ellie bravely asked the owner if it was OK to pet her dog. As Ellie was petting the dog she turned to look at Aunt Betty and she said with so much pride, “See, Aunt Betty, the bigger I get, the braver I get!”

You see, in the past Ellie made me ask every single person who passed us with a dog if she could pet their dog. She told me she was too nervous to ask herself because she was afraid they would say no. Yes, the fear of rejection starts early. We all relate to that, right? We want something, but we are afraid to ask for it because we are afraid of being rejected and hearing no. So we don’t ask and we don’t get what we want. However time has reveled to me what it’s also taught Ellie, the bigger (older), and I would add more experience, I get, the braver I get.

When I first started speaking I was a nervous wreck. I was asking for these speaking events because I had something important to share, but I also knew I lacked complete experience, skill, and knowledge of how to be a good speaker. I found the more I asked for opportunities the better I got, and the better I got, the braver I became. I think this is the key to success: saying yes before you’re ready, seeing the opportunity as a learning experience, and improving on the feedback you receive. In the past, like Ellie, I was too afraid to ask for what I wanted because, like Ellie, I was worried about being rejected and failing. In reality, “failing” isn’t actually failing at all—it is progress, growth, and feedback. When we are able to transform our minds to believe this new reality we create momentum, opportunities, and ultimately more courage and confidence as we pursue the things we truly want.

What are you ready to ask for this year? For me, it’s more speaking events and writing my book, both of which will require me to really stretch and challenge me in ways I’ve never experienced. I want to hear what you will say yes to this year in spite of fear and rejection and not feeling ready. The best time to face our fears is TODAY! Can’t wait to celebrate your Year of YES! Blessings.


PS – Looking to make 2016 the best year yet? If you want Ellie and me to come speak and sign some Ellie Project books, shoot me an email at [email protected]. My speech is powerful, inspirational, and about living your legacy today! It’s good for men and women, corporate groups, mom’s groups, Bible Study groups, community groups, etc. Big or small, group size is of no importance. We are excited to come share this powerful message with you!

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2 Responses to “Bigger and Braver”

  1. Emily Hanson

    This year I am going to step outside of my comfort zone and expand my real estate business. I am going to ask “how can I assist you in finding and buying your dream home?” As well as assist clients in selling their current home and moving into the next. I am going to share my passion of helping others and be BOLD!
    Enjoy San Diego! Let me know next time you visit LA! ?

    • Bailey Heard

      Way to go Emily! I know that this is going to be an amazing year for you! I’m inspired by your boldness to ask! Please keep me posted so I can continue to celebrate your bravery in designing your beautiful and best life! Would love to see you next time I’m in LA 🙂 Blessings.