Hi There!

I’m going to keep this post short ‘n’ sweet because I have a special treat for you! Today I’m going to take you on the journey of how God called me to trust Him and how I responded to the call via a podcast I recently had the pleasure of being a part of.

The podcast is called Feathers: Faith in Flight, and it’s hosted by Amy Bennett. (I was introduced to Amy by Wendy Hogan, another wonderful podcast host who had me on her podcast The Better Part – Episode 9.) Amy’s mission is to share stories highlighting God’s faithfulness through life’s ups and downs so that we can trust Him and hold onto our faith especially when life gets hard.

I hope my journey will encourage you in the midst of your challenges and will remind all of us of the importance of trusting God’s plan and holding tight to our faith even when we can’t make logical sense of our circumstances. Happy Listening!


Wanted to let you know I will not be posting next week because I will be in Florida at Disney World with Ellie and the Heard Family!! This is Ellie’s first trip to Disney and I’m more excited about seeing her excitement, wonder, and imagination soar than I am about anything else. I’m grateful to my late husband, Andrew’s, parents for blessing us with this vacation and for giving us the opportunity to create lasting memories together as a family! Looking forward to reporting back on March 23rd with the details of our adventure to the happiest place on earth. I appreciate you taking some time out of your day to spend with me. Hope the podcast blesses you! Have a great couple of weeks 🙂 Blessings.


PS – I will be speaking at Grace Temple Church in Goliad, TX this Sunday, March 13th, at 10 AM (daylight savings day, don’t forget to spring forward ☺) and would love to see you! For more information go to http://gtcgoliad.com/. I will be bringing copies of Your Best Life Later, A Gray Faith, The Ellie Project, and The Ellie Project stationery to share with you! Hope to see you there!

PPS – Do you or someone you know have a group in need of an inspirational speaker? If you want me to come speak and sign some Ellie Project books, shoot me an email at [email protected]. My presentation is powerful, inspirational, and about living your legacy today! It’s good for men and women, corporate groups, mom’s groups, Bible Study groups, community groups, etc. I am excited to come share this powerful message with you!

PPPS – Are you searching for new, fun, and meaningful ways to connect with a child in your life? Share the gift of building lifetime character lessons for each letter of the alphabet with The Ellie Project! To get your copy of The Ellie Project or The Ellie Project Stationery Set, click here!


  1. Amy Bennett

    I’m so, so thankful you were able to come on. It was such a blessing! Praying lots of opportunities for you to share Andrew’s inspiring message.

    • Bailey Heard

      Thank you so much Amy! The pleasure was all mine. I really enjoyed getting to meet you. I appreciate the opportunity to share on your amazing podcast Feathers: Faith in Flight! Grateful for your prayers. Sending some up for you as well! Blessings Amy.