Happy Half Hour Podcast with Jamie Ivey


Happy Wednesday!!

Hope you had a great holiday weekend! El and I sure did! Today, I wanted to share my latest podcast episode with the amazing Jamie Ivey! Last year, I was on her Happy Hour podcast (you can listen to last year’s episode here). Today, I’m on her Happy Half Hour. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you for listening and have a fabulous day!

Here ya go! Happy Half Hour 13: Bailey Heard


Oh! Before I go, I had to share this hilarious Ellie story with you…

(Backstory: One night last week, my parents invited El and me out to dinner and Ellie didn’t want to go, so the following was her solution to getting out of dinner.)

ELLIE: Hey, Mom, by the way, there is this dotcom for babysitters. They really care about you. Unlike those other babysitters, they do what mommies say. They love kids and their parents. I think it’s called Farmers.com

ME: (Barely holding in my laughter) Do you mean Care.com?

ELLIE: Yes, that’s what I meant. Pull it up on your phone and I’ll come pick one.

(*Note to Care.com* – Great job on your marketing!! Whatever you’re doing is obviously working because my five-year-old is begging me to use your services.)

How the story ended: I burst Ellie’s bubble and let her know those loving babysitters on the commercial were actors and actresses, and while I’m sure Care.com is an amazing service, tonight she would be joining the family for dinner at Outback!

Thank you for hanging out with me today! Love and Blessings ☺

PS – If you’re looking to motivate, inspire, and encourage a group you are a part of, I would love to come share my message, Living your Legacy Today. It’s about how you can transform your most challenging times into the most meaningful and purposeful path for your life. Email me at [email protected].

2 Responses to “Happy Half Hour Podcast with Jamie Ivey”

  1. Christine Savage

    I heard you on the Jamie Ivey podcast just two days ago!
    I’m in a season of stepping out and being brave. Doing it afraid!
    God has been soooo good and faithful though each step. I am so incredibly inspired by your story and your journey.
    You said a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that I cannot let loose! “Do one thing everyday that scares you.” So today I did two!
    Can you please tell me the books and writings that you have read by her?
    You mentioned that you and your husband were big fans!
    Thank you again and keep inspiring us women to let our light shine and embrace each day as a gift! I wish I knew you in person! Love Christine

    • Bailey Heard

      Hi Christine! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so grateful you were encouraged! That’s always my hope in sharing our journey! I’m loving hearing that you are stepping out in courage in spite of your fears! I’ve never read any books about Eleanor Roosevelt, but her quotes are scattered throughout all the personal development books I’ve read over the years. I wish I could tell you which ones, but I’m not certain. One book I just finished that I fell in love with and that’s encouraging me to be even more vulnerable and brave is called Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton. It was truly inspiring. I recommended getting it on audio (I use audible) if you do a lot of driving. Hope that helps Christine. Thank you so much for reaching out. Consider me a new friend! Blessings.