What the Heck Do You Do?! HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT

book signing me and El bug

HAVE YOU ever read a book that changed your life?!

I’m sure you have. My own moment came eight years ago.  I read Twenty Something Twenty Everything by Christine Hassler and I was so fascinated by it I had to know more. Turns out the author was a life coach. LIFE COACH?! What the heck is that? Then I experienced my first coaching session four years ago and my life was forever changed. After my coaching experience I knew life coaching was exactly what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

But, how did coaching change my life? Coaching:

– Helped me to identify my natural gifts and to start incorporating them into my everyday life

– Gave me the space and time to do the inner work I’d been putting off, but wanted to address

– Gave me direction and the confidence to start creating the life I’d always dreamed of

Ahh… the life I’ve always dreamed of… that concept has definitely evolved for me, especially in the last 2 years. Since Andrew’s passing, I’ve had to start over physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Doing this has definitely been the springboard for the next chapter of my new life where I want to continue to influence the world around me in a very positive way.

What I want to share with you today is a KEY part of this new chapter in my life. I’m all sorts of nervous about it, but mostly I’m excited because this is something I’ve been dreaming of and saving up for over a long period of time.

I have finally completed ALL my credentials to be an amazing Certified Life Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence and Coaching (iPEC). What this means is for the past eight months, I’ve been studying, researching, actually coaching, and training, for over 320 hours of my time.  It feels like it’s been a lifetime of preparation for the next step of my business and my life.

Most people I talk to on a regular basis have NO clue what coaching is. I can tell you one thing it’s not: counseling (and I love me some counseling)!  Coaching is all about moving forward, taking charge of your life, career, and ceasing to give up your power to the circumstances that have not worked in your favor.

Let me ask you something:

Have you ever felt like you’re spinning your wheels, like no matter what you do you, you end up exactly where you started, or worse? Your efforts to change a habit, a job, or stick to a goal seem futile? Do you feel like you’ve mastered sabotage in your life instead of mastering how to create a happier, more fulfilling life?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then coaching is definitely an option for you.

Each and every scenario I listed above was ME, not that long ago. But coaching truly changed my life.

When people ask me next time, “What do I do?” I will tell them I’m an inspirational mover and shaker that gets people out of their comfort zone and into their greatness.

And you?

  • Could you use a push to get you off the hamster wheel you’ve gotten yourself in to?
  • Maybe you’re doing alright, but you’re not happy.
  • Or it’s possible you feel like there’s something more to life than this…

Then we need to talk!

As a token of my appreciation for being part of my community, and now this personal milestone, I am giving away FIVE 45-minute complimentary Next Chapter Discovery coaching sessions.

This is what we will do in our time together:

​* Discover what is sabotaging or getting in the way of you living a more fulfilling life.

* Create a clear plan with detailed steps to shift more of your everyday life to line up with your passions and gifts.

* Decide one step you can take NOW to jump start the process.

Let me know if you want to take advantage of this opportunity to be coached, for FREE, by me. Simply click here to book one of the sessions. If by chance the dates/times available are not good for you, email me at [email protected] and we’ll set up an alternate time for the session.

Here are some of the reviews I’ve received from my coaching clients:

The very first time I spoke with Bailey on the phone I felt like I had known her for many years. I was on the fence about getting a life coach and our instant connection was exactly what I needed to finalize my decision. Working with Bailey has provided a lot of clarity in my life. Her positive and encouraging attitude inspires me even on the days we don’t have a session. Her passion to help others is very admirable and I have never met someone who is able to understand me as well as she does. I look up to Bailey in many ways and I am confident in her ability to help me achieve everything I want to be. Without a doubt, I know that Bailey was brought into my life for a reason and I am very grateful for her. – Colby

God brought Bailey to me about 3 years ago, but it wasn’t until the week my husband asked me for a divorce, that I believe God brought me to Bailey. While going through the many emotions and stages of divorce, I’ve experienced a mountain of feelings. What I love most about my work with Bailey, is how she helps me discover WHY I am having certain feelings, what I want to do with those feelings, what I want for myself and for my life, and again- WHY do I want that for myself. I have loved every moment working with Bailey, and I know that my journey will be that much more empowering and enlightening with her coaching, encouragement and support. – Marybeth

I’m so incredibly excited to share this news with you and go on this life changing journey together!

Look forward to hearing from you! Blessings.


6 Responses to “What the Heck Do You Do?! HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT”

  1. Nicole Rich

    Bailey! I can’t imagine a better life coach! You will rock this Sista and help so many people! Keep following your heart…God is doing great things through you! XOXO

    • Kerry Kenne

      Yay! Congrats! I would need ALL 5 sessions! Lol. So very happy for you my friend!

      • Bailey Heard

        Thank you so much Kerry!! I would love to do a session with you!! We can get a lot done in 45 min!! Sign up 🙂

    • Bailey Heard

      Thank you so much for the encouragement Nicole!! I love supporting and encouraging people through life’s ups and downs. I’m grateful to have worked with coaches in my life who’ve helped me and I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to do that for others! Appreciate your genuine love and constant support!! Love you sweet girl!

    • Bailey Heard

      Thank you Lindsay!! You are Rocking this too my fellow coach!!