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The Actor’s Life- A Survival Guide

Bailey and Ellie on Beach, Tips for an Amazing Life

Hi There! Happy Valentines Day!! Thank you so much for all the sweet birthday love for my little Ellie Grace last week. She beamed with pride when I told her about your messages! Today I’m sharing some amazing life tips from a great book I recently listened to. It’s called The Actor’s Life: A Survival… Read more »


Ellie in Pink Dress Surrounded with Dogs on Seventh Birthday

  A few nights ago, I walked into my bedroom, ready to crawl into bed, only to find there was no room for me in my California King. It had been invaded by dogs. Our mini golden doodle, Keller, was curled up at the head of the right side of the bed, my brother’s big… Read more »

Steps Forward

Bailey Heard Playing with Ellie on Sand near beach

  Hello! Hope you are off to a great week. I just got back from a Parenting with Love and Logic conference, which came at the perfect time. Parenting can be so challenging and I was in dire need of more tools for my parenting toolbox. The seminar did not disappoint and I would highly… Read more »

Exploring Grief

  Over the past few blog posts, I’ve openly shared parts of my journey with grief. It’s been this ever-evolving process. It’s taken me three and a half years to feel and accept the hard and traumatic parts of our loss and to give myself permission to grieve. In my experience, when we lose someone… Read more »

Moving Through Grief

An old picture of Bailey with Daughter Ellie on a swing

    Hi There! In last week’s post, I shared how grief hit me hard last year. Since Andrew’s passing four and a half years ago, I’ve been in survival mode, on autopilot, staying busy while subconsciously hoping to escape the depths of grief. But grief eventually caught up to me and knocked me flat… Read more »

Happy New Year

Bailey Heard and Daughter Ellie Smiling and Posing for Photo

  Hello and Happy New Year! Hope you enjoyed quality time over the holidays with your family and friends. Ellie and I got lots of extra quality and snuggle time while we were quarantined in our home for a week when Ellie came down with the flu on New Year’s Day. We also welcomed a… Read more »

Power of A Faithful Friend

Bailey and daughter Ellie with George and Laura at Dinner

  It was like Andrew was sitting across the table talking to me. Suddenly I remembered his love for missions, his big dreams to travel the world, his passion for stories, and his heart to teach, disciple, and mentor. I wanted to hold onto the feeling as long as I could because I’d almost forgotten… Read more »

Make No Assumptions

Ellie playing with dog Keller on Christmas

  Hello!! I hope you’re off to a great start to the week. I must admit it’s been a little cray cray up in the Heard household recently. On Monday night, my daughter, Ellie, got really sick and threw up multiple times every hour and then eventually every half hour. By 12 AM she was… Read more »

Happy Birthday, Roo!

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know how the holidays can be a mixed bag of emotions, especially when you’ve lost a family member or loved one, or have difficult childhood memories of the holidays. Since my late husband, Andrew, passed away from cancer four years ago, I find Thanksgiving’s and Christmas’s… Read more »


Six Years Old Ellie Standing and Smiling near Beach

  Hi There! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! Today I wanted to share a story that deeply touched my heart about my six-year-old daughter, Ellie. I hope it touches yours, too. Last week, I was picking Ellie up from school when her teacher hesitantly approached me and said, “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell you… Read more »